Successful past the trial in the category SchH3 in Chorvátsky Grob

On 28 October 2006 we passed the trial according to SchH3 rules in Chorvátsky Grob. It was our last step to take part on IDC World Championship 2007 in Vrbové.  The very last step will be to find courage and send a registration form.

This season wasn’t very successful for us. We didn’t train enough what was noticeable on former competitions. We tried to work harder during the fall and applied some new manners. We also changed the way of training the defense a bit and we focused on an intensive training of tracking with high precision. After these changes made we were curious about the desired effects on Hera’s performance.                            

Mr. Július Benovič was the leader of this competition and Mr. Kadlecaj was officiating. Mr. Marek Kuštár was the helper. The trial began at 8 a.m. with a presentation and then continued with tracking.

Tracking exercises were situated on a dry ploughed field. It was a very difficult terrain. Mr. Benovič was the track layer. We started as first in the tracking exercise and we got excellent 94 points. We lost points for corners and for incorrect pointing out of articles. Some effects of the training changes were revealed here. The performance was though average, but without notable mistakes.

The next exercise – obedience – was organized at the local football stadium. We gained 92 points without considerable mistakes. Hera´s drive, her speed and interest weren’t as precise and self-confident as she knows it.

The defense was the last exercise where the changes of training could be best seen. Most exercises were without serious mistakes. We lost for barking, guarding the helper and weak bites. I was satisfied, because the changes in training finally showed up markedly after quite a short time of application. We reached satisfactory 90 points.  

Our score was 276 points and we gained a “very good” rating.

To find the original judge opinion with the point’s evaluation on the trial record :


Skúška SchH3 Chorvátsky Grob 2006 276 b.  Pictures