German  breeding  test  Z T P  in  Topoľčianky

On 25 June in 2005 we successfully passed German breeding test ZTP organized by Doberman club Slovakia where Mr. G. Schuler was the reviewer.

The purpose of ZTP is to ascertain appropriate Dobermans, which are according to the breeding standard, suitable for breeding.

The minimum age for dogs participating in a ZTP is 14 months. Satisfactory presentment of properly X-rayed for hip-dysplasia and graduation of the some working trial are mandatory (a trial of obedience –BH - is the lower).

 We achieved the ideal code V 1 A.

By the way, at the same time we received the result from the health check X-ray which was negative (HD –A).

Original judge opinion  and  the original  X-ray results is here :


There are some pictures from this event.

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Here are some pictures of Hera going through a lane of people, which is clapping their hands and Hera´s reaction on being clasped in a circle of people e.g.

She passed the test of impartiality and sureness without any problems. She confirmed her friendly character, self-confidence and good-temper, but she showed her hardness, courage and combativeness, too.

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Hera is tied to a stake. After 6 – 8 minutes the judge assessed the dog’s behaviour. The handler was hidden; remained out of the dog’s sight. The dog cannot show aggressiveness or fear. It must not be shy and recede from the walking person. The judge goes towards the dog many times, goes around it, and drops pieces of paper on the ground than scoops them up and all the time watches how it behaves. Finally the judge speeds up his walk directly to the dog until a physical contact. During the entire trial the dog must not show hesitancy or aggressiveness. Hera passed the stake excellently. Here are some pictures.


The next exercise is an attack on the handler. The helper was Peter Mičúch.

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The end of ZTP is an attack on the dog out of motion.

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